Spice World

I can’t fucking believe this. It was only gone for one night out. I mean, it was freaking Victoria Beckham. No one was going to believe I saw Posh Spice at the pub—I mean, would you?? Here? I had to get a picture; I’ve been the biggest Spice Girls fan since I was, like, 10. Proper legends. And then, my phone’s out of storage, right? So I had to delete a couple of things; so I deleted the app. My battery was running low anyways—you know, with the bluetooth on… I added it again this morning though, honest; on my way to work. It was just me and my mates last night, well, and Posh… still can’t believe it; mental. Still buzzin. But then when I got into work they wanted to know why it’d been deleted. I told them, even showed them the picture, but they said I need to be on a two week probation in isolation. I need this week’s shifts for rent mate! I don’t know what I’m going to tell my housemates… can’t fucking believe this…

By Kiersten Hay | @sayhayday

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