In these challenging times, do you wish you could push your best deals to meet the needs of rising customer foot traffic, while also keeping your employees safe? Don’t push your marketing, SKATTER it!

SKATTER is a new, easy to use marketing tool that allows you to deliver coupons and other promotional materials directly into the pockets of potential customers. In the wake of covid-19 and the rise of the competitive online sales market, SKATTER uses bluetooth technology to create a new, engaging public information distribution channel. Simply choose from one of our SKATTER devices, available with a 10m or 100m delivery radius, to be delivered to your point of sales. Then, download the SKATTER app on to your phone or computer, upload your materials, and choose your distribution distance and time period. From there, SKATTER will deliver you materials directly to any smart device within the distribution parameters that has bluetooth enabled.

SKATTER is even better when you work with your local community! You can link SKATTER account with other account holders to increase your distribution radius. Great for local business districts, shopping malls, and franchises, increase your sales by working together.

Use SKATTER to distribute more for people, without people.

By Kiersten Hay | @sayhayday