Lincolnshire family SHAMED on social media for not wearing contact tracing badge in supermarket.

6 August 2020

Last Wednesday, 6 August, a photo of a family not wearing their badge in the supermarket went viral on social media. The family was bluntly shamed by thousands, calling them ‘terrorists’ and a ‘threat to the country’. 

“We haven’t been given the badges yet. It is so unfair that my daughter was exposed this way. Whoever took that photo has ruined her entire childhood.” Said the affected father in an interview with our reporter. The family is seriously considering moving out from Coningsby, Lincolnshire, after this incident. 

Since its rollout, the COVID-19 tracing app remains controversial. As part of the nationwide campaign to encourage the British people to install the tracing app on their devices, the government handed badges that people must wear at all times in public spaces to show their fellow citizens that they are complying with the government measures. The ‘Contact Safe Badge’ campaign began after only a minimal per cent of the population downloaded the NHS CT app back in June. “This campaign taps into peer pressure,” said behavioural psychologist Irma Ingmar, and indeed we are starting to see those results. 

By Carlos Alvarez | @CarlosAlvarezIF