Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting 

Date: 21/06/2020

Reporting Officer: J. Stephenson

Incident: Assault

Detail of Event: At approximately 01:43 on 21/06/2020 local authorities were alerted to an incident via street noise within the downtown area. The officer on duty investigated, and found two men having an altercation outside the Green Bear pub. After de-escalating the situation, the officer learned the fight had broken out after one of the men involved in the fight had realised that they had left their tracking app off. After turning it on, all attendees at the pub were instantly notified via their own tracking apps that they had been in contact with a potential carrier of covid-19 for an extended period of time, and were advised to self-isolate for two weeks. The offending individual then approached the assailant, demanding to know why he had chosen to attend the pub despite this knowledge, as his employment for the next two weeks was compromised. When he did not receive a satisfactory answer, the fight ensued until the officer on duty intervened. This report has been forwarded to the local police commission for advice on how to proceed with investigation and charges, given the isolation requirements of all parties. The officer on duty has since been advised to self-isolate.

By Kiersten Hay | @sayhayday