Locked out

It’s just really silly. I got the apps out sync with each other, somehow. Like the official one, and then the work one don’t talk to each other any more. I don’t know, I must have forgotten to log out of one or the other, or something like that. IT can’t seem to fix it, I get sent from pillar to post. Anyway, it means that I just get this error message rather than green status and so now I can’t go into the building. To be honest, mostly I don’t mind working from home, but you miss a lot with not being in meetings. So what I do is, once a week I go and work in a cafe near the office and then people can come to me. They can only come one at a time, so I end up having a whole day of meetings and repeating myself loads, but it’s okay. Better than just being a disembodied head on zoom, right?

By Cally Gatehouse | @callygraphy