Be there in a minute

Harry… Harry please. You know I have to go to work. We’ve been through this. Daddy’s going to play with you later, but you need to be a good boy when he’s in the office, okay? I’ll be home by 7. Harr— hold one a second. H-Hello?… Hi Mom… No, no we’re fine. Harry just pressed the button… No, no he’s fine—he’s fine mom. Don’t worry. He just wants me to stay home… Yeah, I know… I’m trying mom… I know mom; I’ll make him change it…. because I want him to learn to be responsible mom, okay? You can’t just take away ….yeah, I know… I’ll bring you your cake tin back on my way home, okay? …Okay… love you too… bye… Now Harry, you know I need to go to work. Just—oh who’s this now; Hello? Hi Sarah… I’m on my way in—I have the files on us, I’m just trying to get Harry to change his status on the app… Oh, no! No, he’s fine… I’m fine… he just really wants me to work from home today… Yes, I know I can still work from home, but this is a big project and it’s the first time I’m lead so… Yes, I know it’s all the same to attend online, but we all know what that makes the client think… Yes, yes I’m perfectly healthy… Don’t worry, I’ll make him update the status before I’m in the office; It won’t alert anyone… I’ll see you soon, alright? Okay… See you then, bye. Harry. Harry please…

By Kiersten Hay | @sayhayday

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